Limited time only!* 7.0% APY Fixed Interest, No Fees, No Catch - no kidding!

We know you have BIG dreams for your future and at Worthy we’re here to help you stash your cash while helping your fellow humans.

Why Worthy?

A better way to stash your cash

Our SEC qualified bonds are private corporate bonds and not tied to the wild ride that the stock market can provide. This offers attractive portfolio diversification.

Savings made simple

Our round-up and recurring investment features let you put your savings on auto-pilot, because you don’t need one more thing on your to do list.

It's YOUR money. Withdraw it when you need it.

Simply click the "withdraw" button on your dashboard and enter how many bonds or interest you'd like to redeem and the money will be sent to your linked bank account.

Build a financial future

We believe saving should be simple, not stressful. We offer a straightforward and easy way to diversify your portfolio while offering a way to boost your financial goals. We’re making it easier to invest and make an impact – without affecting your lifestyle.

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Support growing businesses

When you join Worthy, you're making an investment that extends beyond your personal financial growth. You're contributing to the development and stability of American real estate, a cornerstone of our economy. Proceeds from Worthy bonds are funneled into asset-backed loans, specifically supporting real estate projects and housing opportunities across the country. By investing with us, you're creating a stronger foundation for your finances while fostering accessible and sustainable real estate growth nationwide.

You’re Worthy of a great financial future

Get started today and invest as low as $10

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You’re Worthy of a great financial future

Get started today and invest as low as $10

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*For withdrawals of more than $50,000, we may take up to 30 days to process the payment and remit the funds to your bank account.

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